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10-Aug-2017 18:58

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Earlier this week, British group Aberdeen Asset Management’s ADN.

Many of the funds are scheduled to be liquidated and the report analyses the subsequent impact on commercial property markets.

Last October, sources told Reuters the government had drafted a law that would enable investors to pull out money whenever they wished, on the condition they did not withdraw more than 5,000 euros a month.

Open-ended property funds, from which investors are supposed to be able to withdraw money at any time, have proved popular among German savers, but a number of funds barred investor exits to prevent a glut of asset fire sales at the peak of Germany’s banking sector crisis in autumn 2008.

We expect a similar 10 to 30 per cent range of discount in 2014.

The liquidation of CS Euroreal, announced on Monday, confirms Fitch Ratings' view that the liquidation of German open-ended real estate funds (GOEREFs) is related to structural rather than fund-specific characteristics.

The company invests in quality real estate in 15 countries in Europe and Asia with real estate special funds according to German investment law and with Luxembourg investment vehicles such as SICAV solutions.