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Watch how our two favorite boys deal with these "problems." Very fluffy. But there is still something missing, will he get what he really wants? He whispers into Draco's ears, knowing the other boy doesn't listen, and Harry doesn't expect him to. As Finn is slowly coming to terms with his new family, he comes across some new realizations.

He says everything and anything he doesn't mean, because this is so impossible, he thinks, and it doesn't mean anything. Sometimes, acceptance is the easiest way to get what you want. later on Finn/Kurt slash rating subject to change Written for ARPFics for the Ar Tina Fic-a-Thon!

Many fictional games have been "translated" to the real world by fans or ludophiles by creating pieces and rules to fit the descriptions given in the source work.

For example, unofficial versions of Fizzbin can be found in reality, and Mornington Crescent is widely played in online forums.

Smutty One-shot that's now being continued: Brittany is convinced Blaine is a monster, and ND must investigate. Blaine the Vampire Just before graduation, something happened to tear the Hudson-Hummel family apart. Sam was willing to admit, if only to himself, that it was possible that he might have a slight crush on Kurt Hummel. Considering Kurt has never had a boyfriend, Sam finds this more than a little confusing.

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Kurt doesn't know the tricks to either of his trades. Somewhat spoilerish for Grilled Cheesus and a scene from Theatricality is heavily mentioned. A request from a good friend of mine 3 hope you guys like it K For Fluffiness."People love me, and they shouldn't, but that's all I'm good for so I go with it. When their unlikely friendship is threatened, they may not be able to pick up the pieces. My wildest dreamings could not forsee lying beside you with you wanting me", Kurt wanted this more than his life, but he knew this dream was nothing more than pure fantasy, or is it? Kurt/Finn Finn looks like some invisible hand just threw a slushie in his face. - Lauren/Max friendship with mentions of Max/Payson romance, and slight unrequited Lauren/Kaylie. Set before "Bad Reputation", after "Home"."Sam was totally not a stalker. He wasn't following Hummel to his locker, nor was he remembering it's number. But unfortunately, Finn's a little inexperienced in that department, and it doesn't bode well for Kurt. What sorts of secrets is Kurt hiding in the depths of his computer...? And he most definitely wasn't watching the slender boy's ass as he strutted down the hallway. "You make me look good," Kurt joked, handing Finn the heavy camera. "You look great all the time." Written for an LJ prompt. Chapter 1: Kurt Hummel is deeply in love with Finn Hudson - that is barely a secret. One week after attending the funeral, she received a postcard in the mail with the words, "I'm not dead. Tell no one."When Jesse St James realises he's severely underestimated Kurt Hummel, he becomes just a little too keen to make Kurt Hummel forget about his crush on Finn and realise his place is by Jesse's side as their new member of Vocal Adrenaline.

Kurtx Jesse A few months into his relationship with Rachel, Finn realizes what he's missing. As time goes on, he realizes the many reasons why Kurt is better for him than Rachel.

Each chapter will highlight a different person, but I'm sticking with on-screen canon characters. A few days after the 'Born This Way' performance, Santana gives her beard-boyfriend a t-shirt of his own. Rachel and Blaine had said some pretty mean things to him that he just couldn't forget about. Kurt is more than excited to be showing Blaine off at Mc Kinley High's junior prom. He decides that he likes flustered Blaine, but he likes the Blaine that kisses him even more. Klaine, one-shot, complete'I don't think Kurt knows how to be sexy.' He was all prepared for Mercedes to defend her best friend. Will Kurt work up the courage to tell Sam he finds him too hot to handle? He finds himself helping one of the people he'd least expect himself to. May be slightly OCC, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Oneshot, very mild cursing and a make out session between two very hot gleeks. Kurt has always been annoyed by the football team slapping eachother during them game. The man who bumped into him proceeded to steal his cab. 2x10spoilers He'd thought that change would be a good thing, and maybe it's all a part of growing up, but he often wonders when he'd become so jaded. Finn finds out about the kiss that occurred between Kurt and Karofsky, and mad doesn't even explain how he feels. It's the only thing that makes him feel worthwhile.

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