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But the results are always reliable, well-vetted, and will make you a far better, far more knowledgeable cook. Think of Morgenthaler as your slightly bossy, slightly snarky friend who knows the answer to every cocktail question you might have.

You’ll get thorough primers on basics (like breaking down a chicken), and inspiration for weekend projects (like southern-style fried chicken)., but if there’s ever a dish that pops into your mind as something you’d like to make for breakfast or lunch or dinner, this book will teach you how to get there. He patiently walks you through each aspect of a well-constructed cocktail—ice, proper measurements, syrups and juices, proper shaking technique, garnishes—at a good, conversational clip.

In 1944, Lisetta and Emidio Milano moved to Weslaco, Texas, from Chicago, Illinois, with their son, Lino, and their daughter Francis to enter the citrus business.

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Here, then, is a list of five—with one bar book for good measure—that will not only improve your cooking techniques, but also stay with you for years. is one of the most crowd-pleasing, reliable cookbooks you’ll find.It’s full of well-written, easy-to-follow recipes that are just one or two steps up from basic—think roast chicken with fennel and rosemary, kimchi fried rice with scallion salad, best-ever turkey meatballs.It’s the sort of book will teach you how to cook, with tips and variations nudging you along the way.Barnes & Noble® is the ultimate destination for new, bestselling, and classic cookbooks.

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Discover thousands of recipe books featuring a wide variety of cuisines and cooking styles, including French cooking, Italian cooking, baking, and vegetarian & vegan cooking.In short: she brought Italian food to America’s home kitchens, first through this book, which is as direct and occasionally stern as a stereotypical Italian .