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"I've been intrigued by the hand-eye symbol since I was a kid, although I never actually explored its wide distribution and meanings.

I think I first encountered it in a Sinbad movie (The Golden Voyage of Sinbad ca. ) at a drive-in, which has a scene featuring a girl with an eye tattooed on her hand.

what they want is life and when the Pale Man gets his hands on life, he converts it to death (the pile of children's shoes - the lost generation of Spanish liberals' children sent to the Soviet Union).

- tpk 27dec2011 This is an academic (religious studies, art history & iconography) research site.

Together these two abilities represent the most effective symbolic condensation of the ideals of human existence - omniscience (all-knowing) and omnipotence (all-powerful) - in a very simple two-part icon: the Eye in the Hand.

tpk 21feb00 "Originating in the Middle East the Hand represents God's "Protective-Hand," and the blue Eye on it shields its owner from the curse of the Evil Eye.

For example, the famous "eye on hand" motif found on Native American art throughout the Southeast and Midwest is the symbol of the Maya's supreme deity, Hunab-ku." am familiar with the northeast Georgia area, appreciate Covarrubias' theory of northern migrations from Mexico, and preach the northern migration of corn from the Maya and Aztec that was the basis of Mississippian culture here in the Southeast USA.

but Thornton's statement equating the eye-in-hand icon with Hunab-ku raises the skeptic hackles in me.

The mark slowly gets bigger and starts to resemble a map, which leads her on a frightening journey through the country.Evolutionary psychologists say that animals from fiddler crabs to humans use eyesight for collision avoidance, suggesting that vision is basically for directing action, not providing knowledge.[41] - on Perception Steven Gaulin & Donald Mc Burney, Evolutionary Psychology 2003 pp 81-101 ..."These photographs are from a series titled ILLUMINATI, by [Buenos Aires-based fashion photographer] Antonella Arismendi. The image of the All Seeing Eye (The Eye of Providence) is a symbol showing an eye surrounded by rays of light and usually enclosed by a stores 11 january 2012 Warner Music Japan The dominant motif is fake eyelashes, which are an essential accessory in kawaisa fashion. The Pale Man actually did come from an old story of a blind man who was murdered, and then came back to life and grew eyes out of his hands and since he was unable to see his killers face, he killed everyone he could get his hands on.

- DF [gracias por la punta.] the Pale Man - a grotesque monster with no eyes and an appetite for children. - Alyssa 2010Eyes Do Not Belong There Eyes in places where they just don't belong are a good way to creep people was genetically born with its eyes in its hands.