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22-Oct-2017 18:48

The surprises in the game come when you discover how you are supposed to solve the different quests throughout the game. Your first quest involves an (it is assumed) enchanted farmer's daughter, a love-sick piggy, an adventure inside an outdoor toilet and rampaging cows! The newspaper will accompany you throughout the game.Even in the deepest dungeons or the farthest reaches of the kingdom there will always be a newspaper waiting for you.You will never be able to look at anything the same way again.The game begins like any other adventure game set in the medieval era in Britain - beautiful green hills surrounding a small village with a fairytale castle on the highest point.

, Bob Bates lets loose his lighter side in this side-splitting medieval adventure starring the incredibly accident-prone knight Eric the Unready.According to a prophecy, King Fudd the Bewildered is expected to die next week, and the unmarried princess at his side shall inherit the Kingdom.His legitimate daughter, Princess Lorealle the Worthy comes to the castle to be on his side but disappears mysteriously the next day.It uses well-known effects from other adventure games, chews them up and spits them out in a completely new way.

If you don’t understand what I mean, try summoning Pegasus later in the game, and see what pops up. The game itself is about a valiant knight fighting for justice and glory at a time when heroes are few.The controls in the game might seem a bit difficult at first, but don’t be fooled. All the most common commands are listed in the left column, and you can either use your mouse to make sentences or simply write them with the keyboard.