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"I was one of the guys who foisted loans on people," says Hoskuldsson.He remembers well the day that a farmer wanted to take out a mortgage worth 10 million kroner (about €65,000) on a 20-year-old piece of farm equipment. He just said: 'Give him the money, and if he wants twice as much, give that to him too.'" Just a month after leaving his job at the bank, Hoskuldsson was hired as a mechanical engineer on a fishing boat. Studierte Germanistik, Linguistik und Philosophie in Bern und Frankfurt a. While trudging through a lava field within view of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, the guide says: "Iceland is the asshole of the world." That, too, is a positive statement. In Iceland, which lies on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and thus on the dividing line of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, the earth has a tendency to relieve itself through various geysers, volcanoes and hot springs. für "Berner Zeitung", "Geo", "mare", "Tagesspiegel". Seit 2012 Reporter im Ressort "Gesellschaft/Reportagen" des SPIEGEL. What should one expect from a country in which the sentence, "What an asshole! Icelanders say "asshole," or "rassgat," when they tousle a child's hair or greet friends, and they mean it to be friendly.

The rules are as follows: Allow your ailing banks to collapse; devalue your currency if you have one of your own; introduce capital controls; and try to avoid paying back foreign debts.

Once a student of philosophy, he now founds companies and collects art.

A series by prominent Danish-Icelandic artist Ólafur Elíasson called "Cars in Rivers" hangs on his office wall in Reykjavik.

He claims to have been one of the few who warned of the currency bubble long before it burst. He began his career as a fisherman, before Icelandic men suddenly entered the financial sector to become investment advisers.

Now, he is excited about the country's new opportunities, which are remarkably similar to the ones it has always had. Hoskuldsson himself was hired at a local bank called Glitnir, which went on to suffer billions in losses.They couldn't see why they should pay for the greed of foreign investors who followed the Siren song of high interest rates to the island nation. Natural resources, such as wind, hydro-power and geothermal energy. On a bookshelf below, there are books on risk management and global finance.

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