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17-Oct-2017 16:34

Justin Brown had been with his partner, Jon Arends, for nearly six years when marriage became an option.

They’re high income earners, says Brown, a 42-year-old human resources manager in Chicago, so they consulted an accountant.“There was a penalty financially to getting married, [including] no longer being able to contribute to a Roth IRA — that was impactful to retirement and my financial goals,” Brown says.

In a second paper the Working Group reviews recent research on the reliability and validity of current SOGI measures, and best practices to minimize measurement error.

Their next paper will lay out a research agenda on SOGI for government data collection agencies.

Better data and methods are needed to address the “dearth of data” for LGBT populations and to understand how they are faring, according to a recent report by the Federal Interagency Working Group on Improving Measurement of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Federal Surveys.

The report provides an overview of current data collection on SOGI, including the various types of questions used.

If you or your partner has a generous health care plan, getting married and on the same plan can mean major savings, Rae says.

If you have a child and are both legal parents, the incomes of both parents must be reported on the FAFSA — the application for financial aid for higher education — regardless of marital status.

People in same-sex marriages can now qualify for Social Security based on their spouse’s income.“This is huge for couples, especially if one partner makes less than the other,” Rae says.

LGBT Americans made up an estimated 3.8 percent of the nation’s population or about 9 million people in 2011.

The ACS does not specifically ask about sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) but allows researchers to estimate indirectly the number of same-sex couples based on household relationships.

But if you’re unmarried and just one partner is the legal parent, only that parent’s income is required.

If you’re in the latter situation and marry, both incomes must be reported on the FAFSA, potentially putting your child at a disadvantage for obtaining financial aid or a need-based award, Rae says.“Public officials draft and implement policies impacting the lives of everyone living in the United States—it is vital that they have robust information about the diverse communities within our populace, including the LGBT community,” “The current lack of sound data about sexual orientation and gender identity in many federal surveys means we are ill-prepared to meet the needs of these communities.

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