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These Spurs have been of that Esteem, that Knight Batchelors are latinized bear for their Arms the Spurs on a Canton.

IT is farther certify'd among the Rights of a Knight Baneret, that upon the Account of his Knighthood he may wear gilt Spurs, as well as a gilt Sword; and that the Spurs are essential, may be collected from the De∣gradation of a Knight, where his gilt Spurs are first cut off with an Hatchet, the Case of Sir 1212. THUS Wealth was so much regarded among the was measured by 20 l.

MAY Your Royal High∣ness long Live to Adorn this will easily satisfy themselves; that no Pains or Industry was wanting to Perfect and Complete so Vo∣luminous a Work: He had the Encourage∣ment of a very gracious Prince, and the use of publick Records, more particularly the se∣veral Books of the with the As∣sistance of several MSS wrote by the Offi∣cers of Arms, who bore Part in the Cere∣monies, or went on Embassies to Stranger Kings, Princes, &c.

and by their constant Observations, were familiarly versed in all its Laws and Customs.

the Senators at first wore Iron ones, which were accounted the Ensign of Military Vertue, received upon a Publick Account.

Howbeit, in Process of Time, when Gold Rings were drawn into Use, none but Senators and Knights had signifying a military Girdle, which were garnished with great Buckles, Studs, and Rings of pure Gold, to shew their Dignity and Power in military Com∣mands; and with such a Belt, set with Pearls and precious Stones, young which was hallowed with great Ceremony.

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BUT if the Ceremonies and Circumstances of their Creation be well consider'd, it may be inferr'd, that he rather restor'd the ancient way of making Knights, than Instituted them; and consequently that the Knights of the were formerly created by Ecclesiasticks: But some of them having been laid aside, were then brought again into Use, and made peculiar to this Degree, and since continued to them upon some solemn and great Occasion.

Some think it also insufficient, unless descended so by the Mother's Side; at least she must be a freed Woman. by the Year, or more; and by the Royal Pre∣rogative, some who held 15, then 20, at other times 30, then 40, and sometimes 50 l.