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We consistently strive for ongoing improvement and development, using the most up to date research and evidence to ensure our care remains at the cutting edge.Clinics are held at Yeovil District Hospital, Wincanton Community Hospital, the Yeatman Hospital and South Petherton Hospital.It is a conversation that happens between you and your consultant or specialist nurse – you can see and hear each other without being in the same room or building.It uses a technology called “Skype” to allow you to see and hear each other. I'm on the 2ww at the mo but just wondered what pregnancy test u have all found to be the best / most accurate??I dont mind how expensive it is but i dont want to waiste any money so trying to do a bit of research before buying one! hiya i brought some from poundland you get 3 in a pack they all agave me a positive in both of my pregnancys. i wouldnt personally buy an expensive one just lots of cheap ones if you are a serial tester like i was ha ha!!!

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Like all GP education trusts SGPET is a membership organisation with an annual subscription.Sorry if i'm being nosey but dont know wether to test now or not??Er i dunno what af is sorry but according to my dates it would've been about 11 days after sex/fertilisation I think.The diabetes team offer a dynamic and multifaceted service to people with all types of diabetes and associated problems.

From pregnancy, through childhood and on to adulthood, we provide integrated care with a variety of specialist services to support you in caring for your Diabetes.I'm due Aug 6th and got positive result Dec 7th, did negative test Nov 14th (I think) I only remember cos I was on a course with work. Sx i wasnt sure on my cycle but thought i ov'd on day 13 of cycle and i was right according to scan i tested at day 35 and got a bfp up straight away wiv a ebay one deffo try to use ur first morning wee i know lodas that swear by the asda's and tesco's own ones i have tried the poundland ones too but not sure if there any use or not as i tested wen i wasnt pg just silly periods hope ya get a positive soon hun sending lots of baby dust ur way Sorry Sarah if i'm being thick but what do you mean by 11 days? & also did u get your bfp before af was due or did u wait till u was late??

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