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15-Dec-2017 07:22

Final dress fitting.....surprise, suprise i am told they are not filming that day..i turn up a shop full of cameramen. I feel rushed, there are people rushing in and out, men everywhere making me feel uncomfortable and we keep getting interrupted.I ask why my dress doesn't fit right around my bust and i get told it's the best they can do.I also asked why i can see sequins through the train of my dress, i get told it's because the train is against the floor.As i rush to get changed i say i haven't had time to try my vail on.I made my appointment for my first fitting and nothing out of the ordinary was mentioned when the appointment was made. I tried on my dress whilst skyping my mum who lives abroad.

It was once my dress came in that it all went wrong. Male cameramen walking in and out of the changing rooms, cables everywhere.

Even Jill the manager is such a pleasure to talk to she is always around to help with anything you need.

I really recommend this place brilliant service and they actually listen to what you would like as a bride they don't try to convince you what you should wear, but if you ask for their opinion they offer any advice you need!

I finally said yes to the dress along with the perfect veil, treated with bucksfizz. Kim wasn't fazed at all and went straight to the rack and picked me a beautiful dress that was almost exact to the picture I had shown her.

She then allowed me, my cousin, sister and friend (the younger people of the group) to go an pick any dress we wanted for me to try on.It was a stress free process and I could not thank Rose enough for her help and patience with me!

I place the laptop on my chest and begin to sift through my favorite sites. I slowly slide my hand up and down, gently to ensure that my darling doesn't wake up. She scoffs a bit, but finally, I have her convinced. She starts scrolling through the pornographic clips, looking for one that might excite her, while I move the covers off of her.… continue reading »

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The less we interact with them the less hold they have on us. No online presence in the name he gave, no verifiable info forthcoming. Supposedly now on drilling platform in Poland, having a bad day, and machinery order held up with final payment needed, bank account frozen because he didn't notify them he's abroad. I have received so many friend requests through a friend. I just wanted to add that my guy used the name Micheal (NOT MICHAEL) John.… continue reading »

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Got two differnt endings so far, going to try for more. … continue reading »

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My already insatiable thirst for books was whetted even more by her great love of Ixxiks and her constant admonition to "Read. Read." In so doing, she enriched all the days of our lives.… continue reading »

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